AGV Wireless Charging Solution

AGV wireless charging is the future trend. With continuous development, people have higher and higher requirements for the industrial process. We see more and more robots used in the production line. The unmanned carrying vehicle is one of them. It’s also called AGV, which does not need the driver in the operation process. With the automatic guiding device, it can run according to the predetermined track cycle.

In the current context, our AGV industry is facing a massive crisis; of course, it is also facing opportunities. With the continuous development of e-commerce, the storage AGV robot multiplies, and the flexibility of AGV has become its advantage.

Current AGV Charging Method

The current charging methods of AGV include offline charging and online charging

Pain points for AGV offline charging:

There are two ways to charge offline,

  • The first method is to replace the AGV battery. The pain points are a long time to replace the battery, trouble to disassemble, to reserve multiple batteries for charging and turnover;
  • The second method is to use the plugin the fixed charging position and reserve the number of AGVs for the waiting time of charging.

Pain points of online charging:

On line charging generally uses the way of brush plate and brush block to carry out contact charging. The charging contact is worn and needs to be replaced regularly. Because the charging current is substantial and may produce sparks in the charging process, there are hidden dangers. Also, because the charging contact is an exposed part, it can not usually work in the environment of low-temperature condensation, humidity, flammable, and explosive.

As shown in the figure below, a wireless charging platform (including transmitter power supply and wireless power supply transmitter) is set in the factory, and the wireless power supply receiver and charging controller are built in the AGV.

AGV wireless charging

When the wireless charging receiving device in the car is aligned with the wireless charging transmitting device of the charging platform, the wireless charging of the AGV car can be realized.

A lot of wireless charging platforms are set up in the factory. AGV can charge randomly by using fragment time, which can make AGV have power all the time for 24 hours without replacing the battery, and can also reduce the capacity and cost of the battery.

Advantages of  AGV wireless charging technology:

No spark hazard during charging!

Different from the contact charging (metal contact charging) adopted by the general charging system, we adopt the “inductive charging” (wireless connection), without the risk of electric shock or spark; it can be used in low temperature, humid, flammable and explosive environment.

No particular charging area required

The wireless charging system will not generate sparks in the charging area, so it is not necessary to set any particular charging area; increase the space utilization rate of customers.

Reduce the labor cost of charging

The charging area can be set anywhere, AGV can be charged automatically at the parking point or in the operation area. There is no need to move the AGV to the charging point and replace the AGV battery. Therefore, it can reduce the use of human resources and the loss of machine downtime and improve production efficiency.

AGV can run automatically for 24 hours!

Several charging points can be set up in the factory. AGV can make full use of the gap time to charge at any charging point so that the battery of AGV has power for 24 hours all the time; AGV can guarantee the availability of power at any time, to improve production efficiency.

Reduce battery backup!

Because AGV will automatically charge when it is running through wireless charging, as a result, the backup battery can be reduced, and the operation cost can be reduced.

Long battery life!

Traditional charging, because of the particularity of the battery, repeated rapid charging at a lower discharge depth, makes the aging of the plate faster, and shortens the service life of the battery. Wireless charging can automatically charge at each stop point, while the depth of discharge (battery consumption) is relatively less, and the battery life is longer.

High durability!

We use induction charging and coupling to protect the charging point. There is no metal corrosion. Compared with the typical contact charging (metal to metal contact), the durability is better, and the service life is longer.

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