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LED Wireless Charging Desk Lamp

Lamps with wireless charger are the ultimate desk companion. They are great for any desks, tables, or nightstands. Create the best atmosphere and provide charging easiness at the same time. 

white and black foldable led desk lamp with wireless charger and screen

Wireless Charging lamps Elevate Your Desk Setup

Transform your workspace with a desk lamp that does more than illuminate. Our LED Desk Lamp with Wireless Charging is designed to brighten your area and charge your devices. They free your space from cables and adapters.

Wireless Convenience

Charge any Qi-enabled device with our lamp’s built-in wireless charger. Turn your table into a wireless charging station.

black wireless charging lamp with bluetooth speaker (2)

Versatile Lighting

Whether you’re working late or just need ambient lighting, our lamp with wireless charging capabilities provides the perfect atmosphere.

foldable led desk lamp with wireless charger and alarm clock

Eye-Catching Design

Our table lamps with wireless charging are matched by their modern aesthetics. They are the best addition to any nightstand or office desk


Lamp With Wireless Charger

Explore the capabilities of ONE POINTECH’s line of wireless charging lamps. Each model offers unique features.

10W wireless charger

Digital clocks

Alarm clocks

Different color temperatures

Foldable design

Atmosphere lamps

Pen container

Bluetooth speaker


Check out our wireless charging lamps

Our diverse collection of wireless charging lamps offers a range of styles and functionalities tailored to your needs. For our wholesale partners, we offer competitive pricing and detailed specifications to support your bulk purchasing needs. Please reach out to us directly to obtain our wholesale price list and explore the specifications of each model in more detail. 


Need clarification on Wireless Charging Lamps?

Our wireless charging desk lamps are compatible with all Qi-enabled phones, including the latest smartphones. This means you can charge your iPhone, Samsung, and other wireless charging-capable phones without additional accessories.

For devices that do not support wireless charging, some of our lamps come equipped with a USB port. You can use a compatible USB cable to charge any of your devices alongside the wireless charging function.

Yes, the LED lamp comes with adjustable brightness settings. You can customize the lighting to your preference, whether you need bright light for working or a dimmer setting for a cozy atmosphere.

Our bedside lamp with wireless charging minimizes the need for multiple cables and chargers. They offer a single, streamlined solution for both lighting and charging. This helps to keep your nightstand or desk tidy and free of unnecessary wires.

While our standard wireless charging lamps do not include organizing features, we do offer some LED desk organizer lamps with a wireless charging stand that helps keep your desk items neatly arranged while also charging your device.

Absolutely! As long as your phone has wireless charging capabilities, which is common in most recent models of various brands, you can use our lamp’s wireless charging feature.

Our wireless charger lamps are designed to be completely safe for everyday use. They comply with all standard regulations and guidelines to ensure they do not pose any health risks.

Our wireless charging desk lamp comes with a 1-year warranty that covers any manufacturing defects. It ensures that if there are any issues with the lamp’s functionality or quality under normal use conditions, we will repair or replace the product accordingly.