The Most Popular Hot Pot Restaurant Haidilao Has Installed Our Stealth Wireless Charger Under Table

What is Haidilao?

Haidilao is a world-renowned chain of hot pot restaurants with over 20 years of history. Taking customer experience as their top priority, they always provide innovative and pleasant services to the customers. All the personalized services offered by Hai di lao keep having the satisfactory customers back.

As an international chain of hot pot restaurants, Hai Di Lao Hot Pot was founded in Sichuan Province, China in 1994. At the beginning, it was just a small shop offering “hot and spicy soup”. Later it developed and expanded its menu range. Over the past 22years, it has owned more than 200 direct marketing stores in China. They have also opened several stores in Singapore /Japan/Korea. The first US store has been opened in Arcadia in 2013. They plan to open new store in Brea Mall/Irvine/San Francisco


Haidilao and Under Table Wireless Charger

Recently the Haidilao in Beijing has installed our stealth wireless charger to boost customer experience. As young people use smart phones a lot and fear constantly to run out of power. Providing wireless chargers under the table will definitely keep your customers stay longer.

Our wireless charger is the first 10W stealth wireless charger on the market. Totally invisible wireless charger under the table. Most importantly, it doesn’t require any cutting or drilling. Just stick it under the bottom surface of the table! It will not cause any mess on the table. Customers can enjoy their meal while keep their phone charged.

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