5 Questions You May Have About Our Stealth Wireless Charger

Our stealth wireless charger gives you a way to charge your phone without cables and clutter. It works through any desk or surface up to 30mm without any cutting or drilling.  

While using the charger, you may have some questions to which the answers are available below.

Why is the wireless charger not working?

1. Try again?

Please remove the phone and put it back in the charging area.

2. Is the phone placed incorrectly?

For most mobile phones with wireless charging, the charging coil is usually located in the middle of the back of the phone. So, point the center of the phone to the center of the desktop sticker.

3. Is the table surface too thin or too thick?

This wireless charger (QB01) is designed for surfaces from 15mm to 30mm thick.

4. Are there metal objects around the phone?

When a metal object (such as a key, ID card, bank card, bus card, etc.) appears in the charging area, the wireless charger (QB01) will automatically stop charging. Please remove the metal foreign object first, wait a few seconds, the phone will automatically reconnect.

5. Does the table contain metal materials? (please check before installing)

Some tables need metal reinforcement when they are manufactured, but it is difficult to see any metal materials from the outside. You can use a magnet to check if the installation surface contains metal.

Why is the wireless charger charging slow?

1. Like other wireless chargers of the same type, if the coil position of the mobile phone deviates too much from the coil of the wireless charger, the charging efficiency will decrease rapidly.

2. High ambient temperature.

3. There are metal objects outside the mobile phone, such as metal brackets, metals case.

4. Too long distance. Too thick back case.

5. Please try restarting the phone.

6. Private wireless fast charging protocol is not supported. The wireless charger (QB01) is compatible with Qi-BPP (5W), iPhone (7.5W) and Samsung Wireless Fast Charging (10W). For other wireless fast charging protocols, such as Huawei Mate20 Pro, it can only be charged in Qi-BPP (5W).

Can it charge other electronic devices that support Qi standard?

Due to the limitations of the receiving device coil size, some small Qi-standard electronic devices, such as TWS Bluetooth headsets, cannot receive wireless power from the wireless charger (QB01), so they cannot be charged.

What does LED light indicate?

Blue light breathing Standby
Blue light always on Working
Red light flashing Foreign object is detected or phone is too close to the charger./Remove the foreign object or keep mobile phone in the right range.

 Why is the red light flashing?

1. This charger does not support this device or the device does not have wireless charging.

2. The charging distance is not within the support range. The back case is too thick or the charging distance is too far. The phone is not placed in the correct charging position.

3. There’s metal object in the charging area.

4. Powered by a non-original adapter.