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Under Table Wireless Chargers for Office Desks

Our Stealth Wireless Charger is a great mobile phone wireless charger that enhances your workspace with wireless power.

Example applications are an in desk with wireless charging, a conference room table with under-table wireless chargers, and more.

Do you also want an office desk with wireless charging? Please get in touch and we will discuss the best wireless charging solutions to enhance your office.

office table with invisible wireless charger

Invisible Wireless Charger for Office Desk

Two reasons why you need a boardroom table with wireless charging:

Keep people powered

People need to be powered without taking turns in the corner of the room to charge their devices. Wireless charging does this by keeping the power where you want and need it – right where you place your phone on the table when you sit down.

Keep your conference room beautiful

We can help you create a table with wireless charging, without breaking the surface, by installing the charger underneath the surface. Design is about seamlessness and this is exactly what you get with a wireless charging table vs conventional grommet methods. 

office table with invisible wireless charger

Wireless charging conference room table

ByteDance was looking for under table wireless chargers and found us through our website. We were in contact with their IT PMO team and talked about the office desk with wireless charging product details.

Understanding that they have limited power sockets under the table, we customized a 1 to 4 power adapter for them.

The chargers ByteDance install in their Beijing, San Francisco, Singapore offices are QB21, charging through 20mm-50mm surface.

The installation doesn’t require any cutting or drilling so they can easily turn conference room tables into power sources.

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Our wireless charging office applications

Keep mobile workers powered up and productive with an office desk with wireless charging. Employees rely on their phones throughout the day, both in the office as well as offsite. In desk wireless charging allows the mobile worker to charge throughout the day easily.

With under table wireless charger, you can keep your work desk clean and prevent yourself from being distracted by the cables running across the table. 

Qi compatible wireless charging for boss desk
Make power simple and accessible in your big boss desk
invisible wireless chargers for modern offices
Wireless charging for meeting rooms
Convenient power for meeting rooms and boardrooms
invisible wireless chargers for modern offices (10)
Office staff desk wireless charger

Create a workplace of the future that your employees will enjoy