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The #1 Under Desk Wireless Charger

ONE POINTECH’s Stealth Wireless Charger is an under desk wireless charger that charges Qi-enabled cell phones through up to 50mm non-metal surfaces like wood, plastic, glass, granite, quartz, and marble. Learn all about the best under table wireless charger here.

under table wireless charger

Hidden Under Table Phone Charger

Discover the features of ONE POINTECH’s invisible wireless charger, also named through desk fast wireless charger, under counter wireless charger, under-mount wireless charger, Qi charger, or fast wireless charger.

Supports Samsung 10W

Supports Apple 7.5W fast charge

No surface cutting required

Charging distance up to 50mm/1.97”

Overcharging and heat protection

LED charging status indicator

Ultra low standby power consumption

1 Year warranty


Benefits of our under desk wireless charger

Our breakthrough magnetic resonance wireless technology is reliable, safe, and efficient. Did you know the ONE POINTECH Stealth Wireless Charger, or simply hidden Qi charger, provides excellent support to all iPhone 12, iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 series? We believe it is probably the best under desk mobile phone wireless charger on the market today. We have the best charging efficiency among long-distance/long range under counter wireless chargers for smart phones. That means less power loss and less heating. Read here to find out why a switch to an invisible wireless charger from ONE POINTECH is a good choice. 

stealth wireless charger long distance

Long-distance charging

The Stealth Wireless Chargers, your #1 under desk wireless charger, charges through surfaces of up to 50mm (1.97″) with ease and safety. This is your best choice for wireless charging through desk. With it, you can easily build a wireless charging table that delivers up to 10W power.

Transmission Distance

Charges through the phone case and any non-mental surface up to 50mm thickness! It supports table thickness at 1-3cm (QB06) and 2-5cm (QB21) and mobile phone cases of PE, PC, and TPU.

Induction Speed

It starts and stops charging wirelessly and automatically! Wireless charging can also solve connector failure due to multiple plugging and unplugging. It has an advanced charging speed compared to wire charging. It’s that easy.

Intelligent Recognition

Automatically identifies various charging modes, such as Android 5W, iPhone 7.5W (fast charging), and Samsung 10W. Ultra-low standby power consumption. It only takes 3 hours to charge an iPhone 12 fully. This is an improvement of 36% over traditional wireless charging.

stealth wireless charger fast charger

Fast wireless charger

The Stealth Wireless Charger is a truly fast wireless charger. It has great performance in charging your smart mobile phones that support wireless charging. And it does its best to keep your phone’s optimum battery healthy. 

Universal compatibility

Qi charging is the universal standard, so if you have multiple different wireless capable devices, you can use the same wireless charger without any issue. No matter what your phone model is, whether it’s iPhone 13 pro max or Samsung galaxy phone, it supports fast charging. 

Novel Coil and Magnetic sheet

Flexible range of phone placement that can tolerate misalignment up to 15mm. The magnetic sheet prevents radiation.

stealth wireless charger invisible

Clean up your desk in style

Clear up your desk space by placing your invisible wireless charging pad under your desk. Like magic, your desk is now capable of wirelessly charging your qi-enabled phones. 

The invisible wireless charger charges through any non-metallic surfaces:

  • wooden tabletops
  • quartz countertops
  • granite countertops
  • marble countertops
  • concrete countertops
  • glass tables

No matter whether you’re a wood DIY lover looking for wireless charging through wood, or a kitchen business owner looking for tech-forward gifts for your premium customers, you have a solution for you.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote on your best furniture wireless charger!

stealth wireless charger safe

Safer connections

Our hidden qi charger is safe to use. Since the charging is all occurring inside an enclosed environment and without cords, there’s no corrosion because there is no exposure to water or oxygen. This also means that there is less risk of electrical faults.


In daily use, it is common that we put metal objects like coin, key, bank card, and other digital IC cards in the charging area. With the function of highly sensitive FOD (Foreign Object Detection), our device will power off automatically to avoid heating effect and damage.


The over-heating of wireless charging is the key concern for customers. Therefore, we focus on the uniform vents on the surface of the product to improve heat dissipation efficiency and always work at a low temperature to ensure wireless charging power.


Our Hidden wireless charger models

Our Stealth Wireless Charger comes in two different wireless charging models with different charging distance. Our target customer are businesses who are looking to integrate wireless charging function to their furniture. We offer customized solutions for brands, resellers, wholesalers, contractors, etc. 

Please feel free to buy a sample directly via our online store. Or get a quote for buying the hidden qi charger in bulk right now!


QB06 Elite

Charging distance 10mm-30mm

invisible wireless charger qb06

Read datasheet and user manual

*Resonator pad optional

QB21 Pro

Charging distance 20mm-50mm

long distance wireless phone charger qb21

Read datasheet and user manual

*Resonator pad required

Custom Charger

Based on either the QB06 or QB21

best wireless charger


invisible wireless phone charger new housing

New housing for invisible under table wireless charger! Now you have the option to screw and fix it. So you don’t have to worry about it being stolen in public places!

Read datasheet and user manual


What's in the Stealth Wireless Charger box?

You can buy the Stealth Wireless Chargers from ONE POINTECH in bulk. Now, we can imagine you first want to test one of our wireless charger in desk. That’s why we welcome you to place a small sample order for one of the best under table wireless chargers online with us. Check the below specifications to see what’s included in the box.


charger and components in qb06 wireless charger

1x Stealth wireless charger
1 x Power adaptor with (1.5m) lead and plug (UK/EU/US/AU plugs available)
1 x Sticker (customizable)
1 x Resonator pad 9cm diameter (customizable)
1 x Electronic alignment board
3 x Cable Clips


charger and components in qb21 wireless charger

1x Stealth wireless charger
1 x Power adaptor with (1.5m) lead and plug (UK/EU/US/AU plugs available)
1 x Resonator pad 12cm diameter (customizable)
1 x Electronic alignment board
3 x Cable Clips


Fast and easy installation of the Stealth Wireless Charger

To install the Stealth Wireless Charger (Qi charger, or fast wireless charger) you don’t need power tools, drills, or professional labor. Using just double-sided tape provided, you can have a sleek, invisible wireless charging station in your home or office in minutes! Want to change your charging point or sell your table? Simply take the Qi charger off, and you won’t be trying to sell a table with a massive hole in it. Woodworking DIY lovers will definitely love our under counter wireless charger, it enables you to easily turn your furniture into wireless charging stations. We enable adding wireless charging to table super easy and fun!

custom branded wireless charger

Example applications of the Stealth Wireless Charger

The Stealth Wireless Charger, ONE POINTECH’s leading invisible wireless charger, is the perfect product for in your officefurniturekitchen or restaurantContact us to learn all about the possible applications of our fast wireless charger devices.

under table wireless charger installed in furniture

Easily use our furniture wireless charger to turn furniture into a wireless charging spot.

under table wireless charger installed under office tables

Turn your office table and desks into invisible wireless charger stations with the in desk qi charger.

under table wireless charger installed under kitchen countertops

Install your under counter wireless charger to cordlessly charge your phone when you cook.

under table wireless charger installed under restaurants tables

Upgrade the dining experience with wireless power on your restaurant tables. 


How the Stealth Wireless Charger realizes wireless charging through desk

ONE POINTECH’s wireless charging technology can work at a long distance using the loosely coupled wireless charging technique while meeting EMI, EMF, and heating requirements.

The optimal coil structure and size guaranteeing long-range power transmission has been designed with taking into account the coupling coefficient and magnetic leakage.

A special coil manufacturing process is used to ensure the accuracy of the coil parameters and achieve wireless fast charging for iPhones, including iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and iPhone 14, and all qi-enabled Android phones like Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, etc.   

Our invisible wireless charger is the only one on the market that has passed FCC tests to ensure it’s eligible to be sold in the United States market. It’s also CE and RoHS, CCC certified. So no matter whether you’re in the US, UK, AU, or Asia, we got you covered. 

FCC logo
ce logo
rohs logo

Request better prices for the best wireless charger

Do you want to buy the Stealth Wireless Charger in bulk or for wholesale/retail purposes? Do you want to have a customized wireless charger for your new project?

Leave your info here and we will make a proposal for the best wireless charger for you!


Need clarification on the under desk wireless charger?

Find here the latest Qi charging phones 2022– Recently added:

Apple iPhone 14/iPhone 14 Plus

Apple iPhone 13/ iPhone 13 Pro (Max)/ iPhone 13 mini

Apple iPhone 12/ iPhone 12 Pro (Max)/ iPhone 12 mini

Apple iPhone 11/ 11 Pro/ 11 Pro Max
Google Pixel 7 pro

Google Pixel 6 pro
Huawei P40 Pro (+)

Huawei Mate 50

Samsung Galaxy S20 S22+/S22 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S20/ S20+/ S20 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy Note 20/ 5G/ Ultra 5G

OnePlus 10 Pro

OnePlus 9 Pro

OnePlus 8 Pro

Xiaomi 12/12pro/12s

Honor Magic4 / Magic4 pro

And more

QB21 charges through 20mm-50mm surfaces. QB06 charges through 10-30mm surfaces.

It charges through any non-metallic surfaces like wooden, glass, granite, marble, quartz, PVC, MDF, etc. You can get a sample under-counter wireless charger today by ordering one from our wholesale wireless charger store.

We offer one year warranty for our invisible wireless chargers. 

You can rest easy knowing your charger is backed by our company, and that you have a full year of coverage in case something goes wrong!

Yes, we welcome any wholesale and resell inquiries. Contact us to get the latest quotes. 

Yes, our stealth wireless charger works with thick phone cases.

Still, there is something to consider here: If there is metal in the mobile phone cover, it shields the electromagnetic waves of the inductive charging technology and prevents the mobile phone from being charged wirelessly. Other materials, such as plastic, silicone or leather, are no problem for this technology.

Buy the best wireless chargers at ONE POINTECH online store. We have multifunction wireless chargers,  wireless charging stations, and wireless charging stands all in one store. 

Wireless charging uses induction technology to transmit electricity wirelessly.

Wireless charging for smartphones is enabled by the help of a inductive coupling between the transmitter and receiver coils (in other words, they let an electric current pass through one coil and pick it up in another). Induction chargers typically use resonance. When you want to charge your phone, you place it on a pad that is covered with copper coils. The charger creates an electromagnetic field over the device. A corresponding coil inside the device has its magnetic field oscillating at twice per second via pulses from an alternating current source. The electrical current moving through each of these circuits induces a small voltage in their near vicinity which creates a changing magnetic field around them.

Qi is a universal standard for wireless charging and was developed by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) in 2008. It is technically based on the principle of induction, in which electromagnetic waves are used to transfer energy wirelessly over short distances. The chargers are therefore also referred to as induction chargers or inductive chargers. The Qi standard is currently used in smartphones and other small devices and has become established as a wireless charging standard.

The advantage of Qi-capable mobile phones is that wireless charging is possible with all Qi chargers, regardless of the manufacturer.