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Wireless Charging Module for E-bikes and Electric Scooters Charging Stations

We believe that the global proliferation of Light Electric Vehicles (LEV), like e-bikes and electric scooters, can succeed only with impeccable wireless charging station infrastructure. We’re excited to introduce you to our wireless charging solution for electric bikes, electric scooters and other electric micromobility

The technology used is based on the principle of magnetic resonance combined with our own developed magnetic field regulation.

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The best wireless charging solution for E-bike

ONE POINTECH’s high-frequency inductive wireless power transfer technology works by generating alternating magnetic fields in the transmitter which induces a voltage on the receiver side to achieve “cable-free” and non-contact power transmission. This technology is enabling wireless power in new markets, including e-bikes and electric scooters. Wireless electric scooter charging is going to be massive!

Wireless charging stations for your e-bike sharing service
Wireless charging stations for your electric scooter sharing service
Wireless charging stations for your delivery e-bikes
Wireless charging stations in your bicycle parking space

Watch our wireless charging station for e-bikes and electric scooters in action

The e-bike and electric scooter are the easiest ways for people to get around in the future. Using the idea of energy conservation, emission reduction, and green travel, it adopts wireless charging technology to make the electric bike be charged without physical contact. It is more safe and convenient, with advantages such as sealed waterproof, dustproof and moisture proof, free maintenance. So it also can solve the inconvenience of shared electric bicycle industry in charging, leakage shock and high costs etc. Our product in essence comprises of a transmitting coil (TX) and a receiving coil (RX).

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Tailor-made wireless charging modules

Using our product electric scooters and e-bikes can be charged from a ground based pad or charging pile.

You can just buy the basic product (transmitter and receiver) and integrate it into your own platform yourself. Most customers probably prefer a tailor-made pile or ground pad to come with our basic product. We can do that!

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Wireless charging of AIMA electric scooters

At a large industrial park in Suzhou area, the security company uses a fleet of AIMA electric scooters. The security workers use the scooter to do their shifts. 

In 2020 we built a wireless charging station for their entire fleet of electric scooters. The stations offer complete long-range contactless wireless charging of the scooter.

Obviously at first this was a pilot project for us. This pilot project proved our wireless station system works, and provides both the company and its users true convenient wireless power. It ensures the scooter are always charged and ready for use in a new shift.

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Benefits of wireless charging stations for Light Electric Vehicles

Electric scooters are becoming more and more popular in cities around the world, so it’s only natural that charging infrastructure is urgently needed to keep up with demand. There’a wireless power technology out there which can solve this problem: compared electric vehicles (EVs) equipped with cables for recharging; our inductive system provides significantly faster speeds while being much safer thanks its robustness against weather conditions like rain or snow–not mention convenience as well!

The LEVs are for outdoor use where they may be exposed to rain, moisture and dirt. With wireless charging technology sealed within the power transfer electronics there's no need for precautions when cleaning an EV with water or other liquids! The full electrical shielding means that any type of vehicle can safely charge at higher levels than ever before- providing you're near a compatible charger of course.
Just like wireless chargers for smartphones, any compliant charger that carries an LEV logo will charge your bike. This means you can use the same charger with all of our bikes in a household and even share them among friends or make it available at businesses so employees have their own!
Two-way communication between the LEV and power transmitter allows manufacturers to add intelligent features. These could include things such as automatic payment of parking fees, reporting maintenance states remotely or locating a lost public bike once it connects with an available charger - all without human intervention!
A standardized way of charging any type of private, city, or enterprise LEV also justifies investments in charging infrastructure for on-the-go charging. As it becomes easier to recharge batteries away from home, manufacturers will be able to use smaller batteries into their sleek LEV designs. And just like for charging electric cars, LEV fast-charging enabled by wireless power transfer provides true on-the-go power.


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Wondering if we have the right product for your electric bike projects? Get in touch and tell us about your products, our sales team and engineering team will evaluate and recommend the best suitable wireless charger for your ebike, escooter and any other electric micromobility.


Need clarification on LEV charging?

Light electric vehicles, or LEVs in general, are a diverse group of all-electric vehicles in the market today – ranging from e-scooters to e-bikes, to e-forklifts. While each vary slightly in design and use, the vast majority of them are completely powered by electricity.

Aside from cleaner air and quieter operation than traditional gas powered vehicles, there are numerous benefits to choosing an EV over gas powered transport. Most notably is their range – many can go 100 miles on one charge of their battery. This means that they’re perfect for short distances like commuting or running errands around town where you don’t want your vehicle sitting idle too long without use. And of course since they

Wireless inductive charging is a type of wireless electric power transfer over short distances providing page-power to various mobile devices. Two coils, one inside the transmitting pad and one inside the receiving phone or other device, “create” an electromagnetic field. The coils are mutually tuned so that when power is transferred between them it generates enough energy in the receiving coil to charge battery without more than small amount of loss.

Wireless charging requires some space but does not require physical contact with either plug socket or power cord, nor sharp plug needle poking into skin! It works just by placing enabled device on any surface which supports wireless transmission (transmitting) pads that come equipped support for inductive charging technology – similar to Qi induction technology.

As of this moment, the efficiency of LEV wireless charging is around 90 percent. That’s comparable to conventional chargers. We’ve started to make early steps towards harnessing more ambient energy, which will lead to more efficient power generation/consumption on a large scale in the future.

The limitation on wireless charging is how close you need to place your device directly over the charger! On average it works within an area about two meters wide on each side of the pad or mat plugged into an AC outlet or USB port.

Certainly, we would be more than happy to assist you. For further information on our services, please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements. We would be delighted to prepare a detailed proposal tailored to your needs.