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Tag: Technology

Mophie 3-in-1 wireless charger

Apple USB-C magnetic wireless fast charging Samsung 45W fast charger

This week’s hot topics include Apple’s release of a watch fast charging module; Samsung’s new 45W charger; Lenovo’s release of wireless charging laptops.

robot wireless charging
Industrial Wireless Charging

7 Ways Robotics Will Change Our Lives In The Near Future

Robots are having a substantial influence on our everyday lives, human labor force, manufacturing, healthcare, and facilitating new industries.
under table wireless charger
Stealth Wireless Chargers

Troubleshoot ONEPOINTECH Stealth Wireless Charger

Stealth Wireless Charger is ONE POINTECH's core wireless charger product. This post describes questions you may have about testing and installation.

Wireless Charging Technology- Inductive, Resonant, Radio Frequency and Others

A comparison of wireless technologies. Inductive vs resonant vs radio frequency vs others