In today’s fast-paced charger industry, the level of competition among major manufacturers is so intense that it’s hard to imagine. They not only strive for powerful performance but also pursue compact and portable designs. Ultra-thin cookie-sized fast chargers, as a category emphasizing portability, have gained increasing popularity among consumers in recent years. With the support of gallium nitride technology and planar transformers, the charger’s thickness has been greatly reduced. Coupled with foldable prongs, it is extremely convenient to carry around, and can even be put in your pocket without feeling cumbersome.

Of course, it’s not just accessory manufacturers that are caught up in this trend, but also major mobile phone producers. Recently, several flagship phones, including those from Huawei, Apple, and Honor, have been released. Among them, the iPhone 15 series is undoubtedly a standout, with multiple innovative upgrades that leave users thoroughly satisfied. Below, we will recommend 7 ultra-slim gallium nitride chargers tailored for the iPhone 15 series.

Baseus 65W Ultra-Thin Gallium Nitride Fast Charger

baseus 65w gan charger

The Baseus 65W lightweight charger features a high flame-retardant outer shell treated with a metallic paint coating. The overall body surface is finely textured with a matte finish, exuding a profound and business-like texture. The back adopts a foldable plug design, and the flat body design allows for easy insertion or storage even in tight spaces.

The Basesus 65W GaN charger is equipped with both 1A and 1C ports, both supporting various fast charging protocols. The C port can deliver a maximum of 65W output power, ensuring more than enough charging power for the iPhone 15 series. Additionally, it can also meet the fast-charging needs of mainstream business laptops.

Belkin 20W Gallium Nitride Fast Charger

The Belkin 20W Gallium Nitride Charger boasts a sleek, rectangular design reminiscent of a cookie. Its white matte finish lends it a clean and minimalist aesthetic. The gently curved edges ensure a comfortable grip. With only a single USB-C port supporting PD3.0, it delivers a maximum of 20W charging power, perfect for charging the iPhone 15. The foldable prongs, when in use, form a stable 90-degree angle with the body, providing secure attachment to the wall. Its compact size makes it an excellent choice for on-the-go charging.

CukTech 65W Ultra-Slim Gallium Nitride Charger

cuktech 65w gallium nitride charger

The charger features a flame-resistant outer shell with a textured design on the right side for a warm and comfortable grip. Its back adopts a foldable plug design to give it a mini power bank-like appearance. The flat body design allows for easy handling even in tight spaces, and it won’t monopolize the socket when plugged in. 

Equipped with dual USB-C output ports, it supports a wide range of protocols. In addition to mainstream QC and PD, it also supports AFC, FCP, and other protocols. When used separately, C1 and C2 ports support 65W and 20W output power, respectively. This charger not only meets most fast charging needs but also provides basic power supply for laptops. With its lightweight and compact body, it offers a charging experience close to Apple’s original 67W charger. 

CukTech 45W Ultra-Thin Gallium Nitride Charger

45w cuktech gan charger

The CukTech 45W Ultra-Thin Gallium Nitride Charger adheres to the design philosophy of the 65W Gallium Nitride Charger, featuring the same flat and lightweight exterior. However, it distinguishes itself with a different body color and an even more compact size and resembles a vintage flip-top lighter.

Despite having only one USB-C port, it supports a wide range of fast charging protocols, enhancing its practicality. With voltage settings ranging from 5-20V and a maximum output power of 45W, it accommodates PD, PPS, QC, AFC, FCP, and other common fast charging standards. It is compatible with both new and old devices. The charger also incorporates a graphite thermal conductive sheet for effective heat dissipation to ensure a stable and reliable charging performance.

HUAWEI 66W Universal Charger

huawei 66w gan charger

The HUAWEI 66W Universal Charger shares a similar appearance with traditional power banks. Its slim, flat design is outstanding in terms of size control. The combination of a flat body and foldable prongs makes it convenient to carry, whether in narrow spaces or while traveling on business trips.

This charger features a single USB-C port, supporting 65W PD fast charging. Its output performance is also remarkably impressive, boasting features like low-temperature fast charging and mainstream conversion efficiency. Additionally, it supports a range of fast charging protocols including UFCS, SCP, QC2.0, QC5, PD3.0, and PPS, ensuring excellent device compatibility.

Lenovo ThinkBook 65W Cookie Adapter

lenovo thinkbook 65w gan charger

The Lenovo ThinkBook 65W Cookie Adapter is equipped with a single USB-C output port. Its slim, flat design excels in size control, and the combination of a flat body and foldable prongs makes it convenient to carry, whether in narrow spaces or while traveling on business trips.

In terms of performance, this charger supports PD 65W output power and caters to fast charging needs from smartphones to mainstream business laptops. Generally, the Lenovo ThinkBook 65W Cookie Adapter boasts a high aesthetic appeal and a slender physique. It not only fits well in tight spaces but is also extremely convenient for travel. Its output performance is also impressive. With mainstream conversion efficiency and compatibility with multiple devices, it is an ideal charging companion for on-the-go.

Realme 50W Mini Gallium Nitride Charger

realme 50w gan charger

The Realme 50W Gallium Nitride Charger sports a playful “Wangwang Xianbei” pastry-inspired design, characterized by its flat, smooth, and refined appearance. The body features a piano-baked finish, with curved edges, presenting a clean and sleek white surface. The foldable standard plug on the input end ensures convenient portability without risking damage to other items in your bag.

In terms of performance, this charger not only supports the proprietary SuperVOOC fast charging protocol but also offers compatibility with QC and PD3.0 universal fast charging protocols. This means it can easily handle charging tasks for the iPhone 15 series and other devices. It not only meets the fast charging needs of Realme, OPPO, and OnePlus brand phones but also exhibits excellent compatibility with phones from other brands, providing a compelling reason for passersby to consider this product.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Phone Chargers

When it comes to selecting chargers in this category, functionality should be the primary consideration. The introduced USB-C chargers offer different interface options including single-port, 1A1C, and 2C configurations. Users should assess their specific charging needs and choose accordingly based on whether they require multiple ports.

Furthermore, in terms of compatibility, while all of them support PD fast charging protocols for the iPhone 15 series, many chargers also provide additional support for proprietary fast charging protocols. For instance, CukTech offers Xiaomi fast charging, Huawei supports SuperCharge, and realme features SuperVOOC fast charging. If there is a specific preference for these protocols, it’s advisable to prioritize chargers that accommodate them.

In the realm of aesthetics, each of these ultra-thin chargers boasts its own unique design. Some resemble the whimsical “Wangwang Xianbei” pastry, while others adopt a sleek and compact design reminiscent of power banks. Ultimately, users can make their selection based on personal preferences and style preferences.

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