It is no lie that most people are currently addicted to their phones to the point that it has become a habit of using them even while eating. According to research, 47% of US smartphone users said they couldn’t live without their devices. However, the main challenge is that these devices can’t retain power throughout the day. And for that reason, most people prefer going to eating joints with charging facilities. 

Recently, technological advancements have seen people shift to wireless chargers, forcing various businesses and companies to make adjustments. For instance, established businesses like Starbucks and McDonald’s currently have mobile wireless charging stations at some of their stores. 

That said, how can your restaurant be a savior of such a community whose members largely depend on phones to carry out their day-to-day activities? Read on and understand why your restaurant should have wireless phone charging stations. Plus, we’ll also show you one of the best and most affordable solutions available. 

Why your restaurant needs a mobile phone wireless charging station 

Although not entirely related to your professional services, having a mobile phone wireless charging station at your restaurant can help your customers stay connected. You should note that customers visit a restaurant for various reasons, and this could be one of them. Consequently, this can go a long way to helping you stand out amongst your competitors or at least keep pace with them and drive your business to thrive. 

Here are more reasons why you need a mobile phone wireless charger in your restaurant: 

Be a savior restaurant and preferred joint 

Setting up a wireless charging station for your customers keeps your regular customers loyal and, most importantly, attracts new ones. Of course, regular clients with a dying phone will choose your restaurant anytime they want to recharge them. 

When a new customer has somewhere to recharge their phone, their struggle to get a convenient place will be no more. Even better is that such a customer can, at times, conduct their meetings there as their phone recharges. They will always make orders, come back for another excellent experience, and ultimately make referrals to their friends and family, increasing your brand’s awareness. So the point is, these customers will keep coming to your restaurant as they consider it a ‘savior’ in their times of need.   

Attract the Gen Z and tourists in the area 

It’s undeniable that if your restaurant has free Wi-Fi connections and a mobile phone wireless charging station, it’ll undoubtedly attract the younger Gen-Z consumers. And while using Wi-Fi, their phone battery is likely to run low faster. However, with wireless charging stations, they will possibly hang around longer while making orders. 

Additionally, tourists will prefer to visit your restaurant often after coming from remote places without power connections. This may even prompt them to book their stay at your restaurant as wireless charging takes less time, plus the additional Wi-Fi can work to your advantage. 

Leverage guest experience

Having a wireless charging station at your restaurant can provide your customers with a new, better experience. How can this be done? Here are some notable examples:

  • Reducing customers’ anxiety: Instead of panicking about their dying battery, they’ll head to the charging stations and recharge their phones comfortably. It also gives your guests a better experience as they don’t have to walk around asking for chargers. 
  • Enjoy the food and your service: Having the phone at the charging stations gives one time to concentrate on food as the wireless chargers work within a specified range to the tables.  

Plus, it shows your customers that you care for them and have them at heart, which will keep them coming for more services. This improves the image rating of the restaurant while helping the business to sell better. It can also enable the restaurant management to interact with the guests through the intelligent push notification, which is a major challenge to most managements.

Reduces cost of operations and makes the restaurant look neater

The mobile phone wireless chargers require one cable, which is plugged under the table for efficient operation. This makes your restaurant free from the many cables that can cause accidents when not properly installed. 

Having wireless charging stations also reduces the cost of installation compared to other charging systems (which tend to be costly to repair). Your restaurant will also spend less on electricity bills as wireless charging takes lesser amount of power as well as charging duration. 

Solving and connecting your restaurant to mobile wireless charging

You don’t want your customers staying briefly or, worse, moving the other way to your competitor! So, get a wireless charging station and let your customers stay in longer.  

Remember that mobile wireless charging is something that most restaurants are yet to embrace; hence, it could be your unique value proposition. We suggest you look for the best company to get high-quality products before installing these stations for you to be ahead of the pack. 

The affordable stealth wireless chargers from ONE POINTECH will ensure you get value for your money as customers favor your joint as the best meeting point. These wireless chargers are installed below the non-metallic surfaces like plastic, glass, granite, or marble (this can be on a table), and they create charging spots. After that, customers can put their mobile phones on the spot and let them charge. 

The best thing about these invisible wireless chargers is that they even protect your phone from overcharging or heating. They also don’t require surface cutting and consume less power. While charging, we recommend the phone to be in a radius of 50mm/1.97 inches. This protects your customers’ phones from falling down. 


There are several ways to keep loyal customers coming for more and attract newer ones as well. Setting up a wireless mobile phone charging system in the current tech-driven world is as simple as installing Wi-Fi in a restaurant. Even though it is still regarded as new in the hospitality industry, this innovation will come to a point where it’s an essential service. 

Convenient phone charging is a simple way to increase your customer satisfaction. The Stealth Wireless Charger can easily be integrated into your existing restaurant tables. It enables Qi-compatible fast charging and is easy to wipe down and keep clean. That said, start building customer loyalty with simple and convenient access to power.