Wireless car chargers are a necessity for anyone who is always on the go to top off the phone’s battery. They function both as a wireless charger and a phone holder. These wireless chargers keep your phones charged and accessible while you’re driving to minimize distraction.

Some car mount wireless chargers have a suction cup for a flat surface installation while others are mounted at the car’s air vent and then the mount grips your phone. Since normally they don’t come with a power adapter, you will need to connect it to the power source-USB port on your car with the USB-C charging cable or car’s cigarette lighter.

Most car chargers on the market are qi wireless chargers so they will be able to charge any qi enabled phone. Your phone stays charged on the wireless charging pad no matter whether you’re using it for navigation or calls on your road trip.

What are the benefits of wireless car chargers?

Versatile wireless car charger

It’s not only a wireless phone charger but also a phone holder. You can adjust the arm on this device so that your phone is easily accessible and visible. It will never interfere with you or obstruct your vision of the road.

Universal compatibility

Wireless car chargers are compatible with any qi enabled phone. Most wireless car chargers have 7.5-watt charging for iPhones and 10-watt or 15-watt charging power for Android phones. 10-watt charging is considered fast wireless charging. Fast charging ensures your phone’s battery will be full in a shorter time.

How to choose the best wireless car charger?

You might be wondering what to look for when you purchase a car mount wireless charger. We have listed a few things you need to keep in mind to pick the best wireless car chargers for your needs.

Is it Qi certified?

Wireless car chargers that are Qi certified have undergone extensive testing to ensure they are ready to be sold.

Not all wireless car chargers are created equal. Some may not be safe for charging your smartphone. A Qi charger will work with any Qi enabled device, and it’s tested by an independent organization to ensure it meets certain safety standards.

How do you want to install it?

The first way is to stick the charger directly onto your dashboard, using the adhesive backing that comes with it. This is a great option if you don’t mind leaving a little bit of a mess behind when you take the charger off.

The second is to use the suction cup, which sticks to any flat surface in your car (like the windshield), and then attach the charger to that mount so that it can be moved easily when needed. This is especially useful if you have multiple people who use your car and need different charging locations at different times of day or week!

The last one is to use a vent clip to grip the mount to the car’s air vent. So your phone will not block your sight and will be easily accessible.

What phone do you use?

Do you use iPhone or Android phones? What is the size of your phone? Is the wireless car charger for phone charging big enough to actually hold your phone?

For iPhone 12 and later models, we would recommend going for magnetic charger car mounts. Make sure to use the MagSafe phone case.

Magnetic wireless car chargers also work for other phones, and the benefits are obvious.

1) You don’t have to worry about keeping track of cables or whether or not they’ll fall out of your car’s cigarette lighter when you’re driving; all you need is one hand free and a phone case that has metal on it (most cases do).

2) It’s safer than plugging in via USB cable or power bank because there are no cords or wires involved. That means less distraction during driving, which can be dangerous if someone gets distracted by their phone usage while behind the wheel.

Are auto-open and auto-clamping available?

Some wireless car chargers are intelligent enough to automatically open the jaws when you approach the charger with your phone. Some might require you to tap the side of the car charger. Then all you need to do is place the phone into the charger while and the jaws will automatically draw in until the phone is tight.

Is the bracket adjustable?

A wireless charger car mount with a retractable and foldable bracket would be fantastic. It will never block your driving sight as the 360° rotatable head ensures you can adjust it to a position that makes you comfortable.