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Category: Stealth Wireless Chargers

Invisible Wireless Phone Charger in Public Transportation

Invisible Wireless Phone Charger in Public Transportation

Benefits and potential of installing invisible wireless phone chargers in public transportation, like in train or subway cars, buses, and waiting areas.


Mobile Phone Wireless Charging is a Must-Have in Today’s Home Office

ONE POINTECH brings you a wireless solution you can rely on to transform how your staff works in the home office.
wireless charger in office desk

Invisible Wireless Charger in the Office: Revolutionizing Workplace Productivity

Elevate your office experience with our range of invisible wireless chargers.
wireless charging spot in airport

Benefits of Invisible Wireless Charging for Hospitality and Tourism

Invisible wireless charging offers a range of benefits for businesses in the hospitality and tourism industry. Let's explore the details!
under table wireless charger
Stealth Wireless Chargers

Troubleshoot ONEPOINTECH Stealth Wireless Charger

Stealth Wireless Charger is ONE POINTECH's core wireless charger product. This post describes questions you may have about testing and installation.
wireless charging kitchen countertop

Granite Countertop VS Quartz Countertop

This article talks about the difference between granite countertop and quartz countertop and how to make them able to wirelessly charge your phone.
under table wireless charger installed under restaurants tables

Under Table Wireless Chargers in the Haidilao Restaurants

The most popular hot pot restaurant haidilao has installed our stealth wireless charger under table.
stealth wireless charger in sofa

How to Make a Wireless Charging Sofa

Smart wireless charging sofas are a new and innovative furniture design that offers practicality and style. Let's learn more about this technology.