Since the pandemic started, life has changed in many aspects. Perhaps, the most noticeable is the total transformation of the workplace. Employers and employees are more than united about the way forward – the hybrid workplace model. Hybrid means that companies will have to allow their workers to work some days from home and others in the office. Therefore, managers should think about how best to bring and adopt the proper collaboration/communication devices/tools to allow remote and in-office teams to collaborate seamlessly. Talking of collaboration, you can’t really go further without bringing in the importance of mobile phones. This is where under desk mobile phone wireless charger for smartphones comes in.

What is an Under Desk Mobile Phone Wireless Charger?

under table wireless charger

Unlike wired chargers, an under table wireless charger (also called Qi charger) transfers power magnetically to the phone without the need for any physical connection. Generally, the charger is placed under the workspace (e.g., desk, table, or kitchen countertop). Solutions such as Stealth Wireless Charger can effectively charge mobile phones placed on a 50MM thick table or desk. The only condition is that the desk’s equipment shouldn’t be made of metal, and the phone should also support the Qi technology.

Why Wireless Charging is Important to Employers

Statistics show that current workers, especially millennials, expect and actually want flexibility at work in terms of what device they use. Many employees, for example, prefer to check work notifications like Slack or emails from their phones. In addition, others have made their choice to attend virtual meetings using smartphones instead of PCs. All this begs the question of how best can you keep their smartphone efficiently powered.

Frowning because of what you have heard about the negatives of employees using mobile phones at work? Recent studies reveal something interesting. According to Frost and Sullivan, mobile phones add up to an hour of employee productivity and increase productivity by 34%.

Therefore, as an employer, the best thing you can do is to give your employees the best under-table wireless charger for use in their home offices. Besides, to ensure that the hybrid model really works, you’d want to do the same in the physical workstations. This means that as employees rotate between remote and in-office environments, they get the same experience, hence maintaining productivity levels.

Other Amazing Benefits of Stealth Mobile Phone Wireless Charger

  • Declutter: Employees deserve a pleasant and efficient workspace at home. However, a work desk can easily get messed up by the many wires running across it and a lot of items on top. The invisible wireless charger reduces the clutter and saves space by eliminating the need for a cable. The results: improved productivity and satisfied/motivated workers.
  • Safety: The many wires that run on the desktop from AC sockets can be a potential danger. Under desk wireless charger is fast, minimalistic, safe, and reliable. You don’t need to worry about the phone overcharging as the Stealth Wireless Charger has overcharging and heat protection. What other better way to show your staff that you care for them?
  • Mobility: As far as we talk about home offices, some days of the week occur at office workstations. The Qi chargers installed at these workstations can be handy to ensure a seamless process. Employees wouldn’t need to carry chargers to work or fail to be productive even a single day because their phone’s charging port was damaged or they forgot the charging cable at home.

The #1 Under Desk Mobile Phone Wireless Charger

ONE POINTECH brings you a wireless solution you can rely on to transform how your staff works in the home office. Our Stealth Wireless Charger supports all phones with Qi technology, including the latest iPhone 12 series, Samsung, Huawei, and Google Pixel. The installation process is easy, and we offer up to a 1-year warranty for all our productsGet in touch or get your quote now.