With the rise of smartphones and the constant need to charge them, wireless chargers have become a must-have for any home. Knowing what customers want, furniture manufacturers start to design produce wireless charging sofas.

These modern sofas feature inductive charging on the sofa arm, and when people sit on the sofa, just place their phone on the arm and it will start charging.

These sofas will give customers the stylish and comfortable look they want without sacrificing their technical needs. With all these benefits, there is no doubt that this is the sofa of the future!

In this blog post, we will talk about what you need to know about manufacturing a wireless charging sofa. Read on!

What is a wireless charging sofa?

A wireless charging sofa is a type of furniture that has inductive charging on the side or arm of the sofa. The inductive wires are placed inside the sofa and will charge phones when they are placed on the arm. This concept is similar to using a wireless charging pad. Customers simply place their phone on the arm and it will start charging wirelessly.

What are the benefits of wireless charging sofa?

How to make a plan for manufacturing a couch with wireless charging?

Designing a wireless charging sofa is mainly divided into four steps:

  1. Understand customer needs and requirements – Before starting manufacturing, it is important to determine what the customer wants. This will help you design the sofa according to their needs. For example, some people like to charge on the left, some like the right, and some like to put it in the middle. Some clients prefer fabric sofas, while others prefer leather sofas.
  2. Design furniture – There are many different styles of wireless charging sofas on the market, and the style depends on the customer’s preference. You need to consider whether you can add additional features to these sofas, such as speakers, USB ports, or cup holders, etc., to make your sofa a better seller.
  3. Manufacture – Once you’ve designed your product, it’s time to manufacture it! At this time, you need to consider whether to use a regular qi wireless charger or a long-distance wireless charger. When it comes to wireless chargers, China has great advantages in this technology. The most important one is the price, which will be much lower than that in other countries when you import it to your country. Furthermore, if you buy them online and choose a reputable company such as ONE POINTECH to purchase these products with high-quality standards.
  4. Market and sell your sofa – Once you’ve completed all the previous steps, it’s time to sell your product! Use social media networks, newspapers and TV ads to promote your wireless charger furniture collection. You should also target trade shows that may have companies looking for new furniture options for their office or home space.

What wireless chargers should sofa manufacturers use? Regular Qi wireless charger or long-distance wireless charger?

Well, to answer this question. We need to know the difference between the two.

The charging distance of ordinary qi wireless chargers is less than 8mm, so when producing a wireless charging sofa, you must install the charger within 8mm of the surface of the sofa. If you want a completely invisible effect, so that customers can’t see or touch the wireless charger under the surface material, then maybe this wireless charger is not suitable.

The long-distance wireless charger has a charging distance of up to 50mm. If you want to mount the charger further away from the surface, you need to use long-range wireless charging. ONE POINTECH offer’s the best custom wireless charger for the couch. 

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