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Your B2B Partner for Long Distance Wireless Charger

ONE POINTECH is an innovative Chinese scale-up company focusing on the sales and marketing of long-distance wireless charger and other charging products.

We are your leading B2B partner for any charging need.

We offer our clients Qi-enabled long-range wireless mobile phone chargers , long-distance wireless charging solutions that are suitable for a variety of applications, and li-ion battery chargers with a wide range of output power.

under table wireless charger

Long range wireless chargers and more

Check out our range of product categories below. We offer tailored customization and branding options for products. We have hidden wireless phone chargers, industrial non-contact wireless charging modules, li-ion battery charger, battery management system, personalized wireless chargers and customized GaN chargers. If you’re interested in any of those, our sales team would be happy to provide further information upon request.

Stealth Wireless Phone Chargers

under table wireless charger

Qi-compatible invisible wireless chargers that charge through non-metal surfaces up to 50mm! ONE POINTECH’s best selling product.

Large Power Wireless Chargers

custom industrial wireless charger

Standard and customized wireless charging modules from 100w to 3000w for robots, AGVs, ebikes, drones, etc.

Li-ion Battery Charger

li-ion battery charger

From 80w to 10kw output power high efficiency and high-reliability li-ion battery charger for electric vehicle, marine and industrial settings.

Battery Management System


BMS measures all relevant parameters and maximizes battery lifespan, performance, and safety

Personalized wireless chargers

Custom Wireless Chargers

Custom-made wireless charging pads and wireless charging stands for multiple devices.

Customized gaN chargers

GaN Chargers

45w, 60w, 100w, 140w GaN chargers. Tailor-made GaN power supplies. PCBAs or finished products. 


Stealth Wireless Phone Charger

Our under-table wireless charger offers the ultimate in charging convenience. Designed with two charging ranges, 10mm-30mm and 20mm-50mm (the wireless charger distance), the Stealth Wireless Chargers can be installed without the need to cut into work surfaces.

Our patented design of the long distance Qi charger uses a resonant coil (optional for some range) to focus the energy field and provide maximum efficiency (up to 87% efficiency) and the fastest possible charging speeds. Wireless charging without contact is so convenient!

Providing 15 Watts of charging power, the Stealth Wireless Charger is among the fastest under desk wireless chargers on the market! 

The sticker or pad is fully customizable(for bulk order). With your company logo on it, you build brand awareness and improve customer loyalty.

custom branded wireless charger

High Power Long Distance Wireless Charging Solutions

Next to our standardized long range wireless charging products, we offer easy-to-implement true long-distance wireless charging solutions you can buy and implement today to transfer long distance wireless power.

Our solutions use advanced wireless power technology that provides long-range high power wireless charging for various applications, like e-bikes, AGV, AMR. Enabled devices will automatically charge when within range of a power transmitter. Contact us to learn how we can help with your tech-forward contact-free wireless charging projects.

We will design a transmitting circuit, transmitting coil, receiving circuit, and receiving coil based on your wireless charging application and battery information.


We have long distance wireless charging products for your company

Given the increase in battery anxiety, it’s unsurprising that consumers want to see wireless power available to them in more places. Consumer interest in contact-free mobile phone wireless charging at restaurants, hotels, airports, entertainment venues, coffee shops, etc. has kept increasing.

At ONE POINTECH we don’t serve consumers directly, instead, we serve the companies that do serve the consumers. Our typical clients include co-working spacesfurniture makersindustrial userskitchen makershotels. cafes and restaurants, retailers as well as companies looking for industrial high power wireless charging solutions like electric bike and electric scooter sharing service companies, AGV manufacturers, industrial design companies.


What our B2B customers around the world say about our long-range wireless chargers

From China, we serve B2B customers worldwide with long-distance Qi chargers and high power industrial wireless chargers without contact. So we welcome you to connect with us, no matter where you are based in the world.

We already serve a wide range of customers around the world. Some of our clients use our long range wireless charging products within their own organization.  Other clients package the long distance wireless charging products into their own products and services and sell them to their customers.

“We needed a way to provide our employees and guests to easily power their mobiles while working in our conference rooms all day. The Stealth Wireless Chargers are a huge success in our offices today.”
“All our dinner guests come to our restaurants with their mobiles, and they use it a lot while eating. So providing our guests with a power amenity is a great value-added service. Several of our restaurants now have the Stealth Wireless Chargers installed."
“Our core business is to provide organizations in Russia with easy mobile power solutions. The Stealth Wireless Charger is a great add-on and we repackage it into our client offerings with success in Russia.”
ByteDance Case Study
Haidilao Case Study
bytedance logo

Bytedance has lots of offices worldwide. Everyday from various conference rooms teams connect with each other around the world. Bytedance wanted an elegant and efficient way to keep all mobiles powered up.


ONE POINTECH offered ByteDance an easy solution: the Stealth Wireless Charger. It has been installed in various conference rooms in offices in Singapore, the USA and more.


The invisible wireless charger is appreciated by employees big time.


See how our wireless charging products work

Here are a few videos of the wireless charging module in action. No matter you need wireless chargers for your AMR ,AGV, ebike, escooter or even drones, we get you covered. From 100w to 3000w, you will find what you need.


request a quote

Thank you for your interest in ONEPOINTECH non-contact long range wireless charge and other various charging products

To learn more about what we can do, please submit an inquiry and our sales team will respond within 24 hours with the information you require. 


Need clarification on the long-distance wireless charger?

About the wireless charger distance, we can say the following. At its simplest, long-distance wireless charging uses the energy of electromagnetic waves. If an inductive charger is placed on a metal surface, or if it’s brought close to one, the coils in the device will create an induction field that generates electricity. This electricity can be used to charge cells within fairly long distances.

Inductive chargers work by using a transmitter to create an electromagnetic field on one half of the charger and a receiver to capture the power waves from the transmitter. A magnet is set between both halves of the charger, which creates what is known as inductance.

The Qi standard is a cross-industry standard for wireless power, initially developed by the Wireless Power Consortium. This consortium’s membership now includes major phone manufacturers, component makers and semiconductor companies including AT&T, Broadcom, Fujitsu, Intel Corporation , Lenovo Group Ltd., Nokia Corporation , Samsung Electronics Co., Sony Corporation , Telit Communications Inc., Texas Instruments Inc., Belkin International PLC and ZENSs SAS.

The wireless power consortium now has physical support from 19 major phone manufacturers including Apple, BlackBerry, Google Nexus 5x, Huawei Mate 9 Pro (Pictured), LG (its Nexus 4 as well as its upcoming flagship G6), Motorola Mobility (sans Lenovo) Moto X Style and Mix 2 , Nokia N1 7.9-inch tablet and Nokia 3310 3G handset ), Samsung Galaxy Note 8, BlackBerry KEYone Limited Edition 2018 DTEK60 , and Xperia XZ Premium.

Yes, ONE POINTECH offers you custom wireless charging spots and wireless charging stations that have benefits that both Qi (induction mode) and Airfuel cannot offer. We offer true wireless charging without contact. Visit our wireless charging solutions page for more info.

We are focused on serving B2B customers worldwide. Clients include workspace rental companies, furniture makers, restaurant owners and more. Our standard long distance wireless chargers can be bought online in small quantities. For bigger orders, as well as custom wireless solutions we welcome you to contact us by phone +86 18013232160 or email